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Making your digital future a reality.

Seedlab works with forward-thinking businesses to embed
digital transformation and innovation into their DNA.

The world has changed. Disrupt before you are disrupted, they say.
Innovate today to ensure you’re still around tomorrow, they say.
Put innovation at the heart of your business, they say.

Then the article, seminar, podcast, or conference keynote ends.

You go back to your desk, and, at best, look at your to do list.
But more than likely, you start fighting fires.

Introducing Seedlab South Africa


Thanks to the rising tide of digitalisation, companies are facing several fundamental challenges. It’s time to turn these challenges into opportunities.

Seedlab is an innovation consultancy that drives digital transformation and business development in companies to ensure they stay relevant in the digital economy.
We do this by helping companies conceptualise, build and launch the business models, products and services their future customers need. This allows our clients to capture additional markets and revenue streams.
Our proven innovation methodology is based around a set of curated workshops, the Seedlab Ideation Sessions, especially tailored to your company’s requirements.
Our core belief is that sustainable innovation comes from within, so rather than parachute our ideas into your business, our focus is to unlock and entrench your innovation and creativity to ensure growth and profits.

With you, we create practical, commercially-viable results, quickly.


We inspire you to see innovation as an opportunity.

Seedlab is your partner in innovation and our first goal in helping you embark on your journey is to help you understand the innovation and disruption that is happening in your industry. This is such an important step that we offer it as a stand-alone service. Get the latest tech and market insights into your industry and the start-ups that are disrupting your business today.

“With Seedlab I’ve found a trusted partner that could take the kernel of an idea to practical reality fast. They got what I was about and brought the right people to the table to take things to the next level.”

– Marcus Schmieke, founder, Healy International AG

Embed radical innovation into your company’s DNA.

Seedlab Ideation Sessions are a tailored workshop series where, together with our team of experts, you create new business models for your company.

Your team will get exposure to a variety of startups and new economy business models, will learn to think and work in an agile environment, and will collaborate to co-create your business’s future.

You’ll leave with tangible new business models, prototypes and pilots, to take back into your operation, drive market share and increase revenue and profits.

Seedlab Ideation Sessions are crafted to fit your business’s needs and the journey you need to take.

You will also achieve the essential cultural change, and the ability to implement new tools and ways of working, that will make this transformation stick, ensuring ongoing success.

“Thanks to Seedlab we accessed new revenue streams from our existing assets by learning about new business models and meeting the most interesting startups in our space. Seedlab’s technique meant we got great results in an unbelievably short space of time.”

– Patrick Comboeuf, Project Lead, Swiss Federal Railways

Make friends with the startups disrupting your world.

A key piece of Seedlab’s work is introducing large corporates to startups operating in their orbit.

This is not only to gain insight into how a market is being disrupted, but also to matchmake businesses with valuable startups for collaboration or even acquisition. For instance, Swiss Federal Railways acquired five startups after its first engagement with Seedlab.

We’re excited about giving South African startups an opportunity to setup crucial partnerships, get investment, or even exit deals.


You’re good at your business.
We’re good at creative future thinking.

Seedlab has refined its methodologies working with companies such as Swiss Federal Railways, Volkswagen Financial Services and Bombardier.

Our team is the perfect mix of entrepreneurs, problem solvers, creatives, design thinkers and makers. We love technology (and what it can do), have the business skills to keep things practical, plus the local and international experience to adapt learnings to your market. We don’t only talk, we do. Giving you practical outcomes in the shortest possible time.

We take a collaborative and co-creative approach: our core belief is that innovation starts within a business and should not be outsourced.

We are passionate about building a better future that works. And is profitable.

And the most important part:
We speak normal.


We’ve worked with amazing clients during the past eight years, who believed in positive change for their business and agreed with our collaborative future thinking approach. We are looking for clients who get excited about digital transformation and the possibilities it holds for their business. Who are not scared of change, and who put their trust in their team to make positive change happen.

Here’s an overview of clients we’ve collaborated with:

Case Study :
Swiss Federal Railways

The Challenge

Swiss Federal Railways, or SBB, the national railway of Switzerland wanted to take its business and its assets into the future, ensuring it continued to give its customers the best possible service. Despite being a very real-world operation, the organisation knew it’s future had to be digital. It turned to Seedlab to help design what this would look like, and make it reality.

The solution

During an 18-month project, SBB tapped into Seedlab’s innovation process to amplify its existing assets through relevant global trends, identifying new business models with the potential to better serve future customers. Indeed, it designed the customer journey of the future. Seedlab also took the railway through the phases of designing and developing a new department, SBB Digital, to drive innovation in the organisation on an ongoing basis.

In parallel, to ensure sustainability, Seedlab coached the team on using new resources, methodologies and tools, as well as developing a startup mindset.

The process included Seedlab providing strategic consulting and strategy development, project management, expert workshops, and startup scouting and introductions.

The result

The initial project with Seedlab saw 100 business models screened, with 20 proven, six prototypes conceptualised and developed, and three rolled out.

SBB P+Rail gives passengers the ability to discover and pay for parking on demand, making their commute seamless and more convenient, even if they don’t live near public transport links. SBB GoodBox reincarnates station lockers as drop-off points for local and online shopping and other services. A smartphone app opens the lockers, allowing passengers to pick up their deliveries when convenient

In addition, SBB set up five official ventures with startups, and held the world’s first startup pitching competition on a train.

Ultimately, thanks to Seedlab, SBB successfully developed its own innovation process and implemented it within the company, with the formation of SBB Digital.

Case Study :
Volkswagen Financial

The Challenge

Volkswagen Financial Services AG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, has been opening the door to its customers’ dream car in its current form since 1994. But the roots of the business, which coordinates the global financial services activities of the VW Group, are in driving sales of the VW Beetle and Transporter back in 1949.

Today, as well as being the largest automobile financial services provider in Europe, it is a significant driver of VW sales around the world, and is a key link between customers and the brand.

The company recognised it was experiencing the most disruptive business period in its history, and knew it needed to explore and embrace emerging trends and business models to ensure it survived profitably in the future. Key to this survival was offering products and services relevant to the next generation of car buyers, for whom a digital world, and new economy business models, are the new normal.

The solution

VWFS knew it needed a helping hand from an expert in innovation and digital transformation to co-create its new future based on innovative, disruptive business models. It turned to Seedlab to conceptualise, develop and implement the journey it needed to take. This ensured it achieved the speed, cultural change and ability to implement new methods and tools that would ensure the transformation of its business and future success.

Seedlab’s proven process included identifying the key trends and business models that could impact VWFS’s business. An important foundation for inspiration was Seedlab’s comprehensive startup scouting programme that gave VWFS a market overview of innovative and disruptive business models.

Throughout, the Seedlab team and specially selected industry experts worked collaboratively with the interdisciplinary VWFS team to unlock inherent innovation, and co-create new products and services.

The result

Thanks to Seedlab’s innovation process, the VWFS team developed new business models for digital products and services. In doing so, new methods and tools were deployed to achieve a faster proof of concept during prototype development. Through ideation, business modelling and design sprints, new ideas were generated methodically.

VWFS very rapidly identified five disruptive products and services from 100 thought starters, and developed them to the point where the team could confidently pitch them to the business for commercialisation.


When Elli Gorgievska worked on communicating the digitalisation strategy of a major SA telco, she realised two things. Firstly, traditional companies needed someone in their corner to help them figure out how to make the most of digitalisation. Secondly, that she had the skills and experience to help companies connect the dots. Elli is a digital pioneer with over a decade in digital product development.

As digital strategy becomes increasingly vital for real world success, Elli has constantly been on the fore-front, providing her clients with cutting-edge solutions for digital implementation. She has worked in Europe and South Africa, across startups and corporates, operating in both old and new economies.

Alecia Sewlal joined Seedlab South Africa after a decade in the mineral processing industry, where she successfully implemented projects in SA, Zimbabwe, Senegal and the DRC, to name a few. Alecia is a qualified process engineer who brings her knack for breaking ideas down into practical implementable steps to the Seedlab offering.

Elli’s creativity coupled with Alecia’s pragmatism forms a complementary skill set allowing lateral creative brainstorming to be translated into real world solutions.

Seedlab Germany’s founder, Regine Haschka-Helmer, is an active stakeholder in our business and brings her extended experience and insight into every single project.

Regine Haschka-Helmer

Regine is one of the pioneers of the European digital creative industry, with more than 900 successful digital media projects under her belt — many of which are award-winning.

She started her career at I-D Media AG as COO and went on to manage the company’s IPO, and set-up and managed international subsidiaries — the youngest female board member of a listed German company. As CEO of ID Media she was strategic and creative lead for customers including Ebay, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Sony, Swatch, JTI, Microsoft, Volkswagen and Toshiba.

In 2010 she founded Seedlab GmbH in Berlin, focusing on helping large companies with their digital transformation and business development, including building innovation departments and incubators. She is an angel investor in various startup companies as well a startup mentor.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all innovation, and this starts with the team we build to support you.

We’re tapped into a network of diverse, creative minds, who have specialist skills and industry expertise. This ensures we pull together the perfect team for your company’s needs.

“100 business models and startups scoped and researched; 50 brainstormed and workshopped; 20 explored during hackathons; and 3 final winners ready to be prototyped. Thanks to Seedlab’s smooth process we left inspired and with a bag full of great business ideas.”

– Lars Moereke Project Lead „Zündfunke”, Volkswagen Financial Services


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